The daughter of a Korean immigrant and a now-retired Army Lt. Col. from Buffalo (go Bills!), Catherine was born on a military base and moved from city to city, to out of the country and back again during her formative years. She is no stranger to new circumstances, challenges and people, which has infused her work with a curious and empathetic eye.

Known for her work in nearly 100 national, regional and international commercials including iconic campaigns for AT&T, Xerox, and Ponds, for her guest-starring appearances in television shows  like "That 70's Show", "NCIS", and "Lucifer", and her starring roles in films like the award-winning "The Things We Carry" and the upcoming "Asomatous", Catherine is known for her versatility and relatablity. Classically trained in the theater, receiving her BFA in Acting from the University of Arizona (Summa Cum Laude) as well as a BA in Political Science, her interests revolve around the human condition and how we connect.

Her pursuits as a photographer put a spotlight on her passion for human connection and highlighting the beauty in relationships and in-between moments.